After MADCF President Claudia's 18-month long medical leave, MADCF is excited to be preparing for our October Lantern Release.  MADCF is also planning our 2019 calendar!

      Check back often to follow the progress of our newest projects!

Camp Make a Difference

MADCF volunteers teamed together with All Africa Outreach Ministry to host a week long camp for children at Umuokehia Community School, one of our most at risk schools in Aba, Nigeria. Children were served two nutritious meals a day and participated in creative lessons as well as sports activities. MADCF also distributed books, clothing, shoes, and other much needed essential supplies.

July 2017

Operation Change a Life


MADCF shipped a 40-ft container filled with donated medical supplies, educational materials, clothing, and shoes to Lagos, Nigeria to be distributed to the children in our partner schools there.

June 2016



Color Run and Playground Equipment Collection


Student in the IRun4Life Running Program at Titus Elementary Shool in Warrington, PA, collected playground equipment and hosted a Color Run to raise funds. The donations they collected were shipped overseas as part of Operation Change a Life.

May 2016


The Pen Pal Project


Students from Warwick Elementary School and the Montessori Development Center in Bucks County, PA, participated in this exciting project which linked the with students in several Nigerian schools.  The students exchanged postcards and collected pencils and funds as part of this effort.

January-June 2014

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Make a Difference 5K Race


MADCF volunteers teamed together with Make a Difference Kids, students from Central Bucks East High School, and other volunteers to hold our first 5K Race in Warminster Park in Warminster, PA.  Runners of all ages and ability levels participated on a frigid morning in November to help raise funds to support our ongoing projects.  We plan to make this a regular event!

November 2016

Make a Difference



Students in Grades K-6 at Jamison Elementary School in Jamison, PA held a dance-a-thon fundraiser to help other children through MADCF projects.  The theme was, "Dance to Make a Difference!" 

November 2015


Make a Difference Talent Show

5th and 6th Graders from Jamison Elementary School in Jamison, PA, held a talent show to benefit MADCF's efforts.  In lieu of an admission charge, guests were asked to make a donation of a children's book or shoes.

Winter 2014


Elbow Lane Day Camp

School Supply Project

Children at Elbow Lane Day Camp in Warrington, PA decorated pencil cases and included personal notes and school supplies for Nigerian children in our partner schools.

Summer 2014

Future projects:

  • 20 school  interscholastic reading competition and soccer tournament in Ipaja, Nigeria.

    June 2019

  • implementation of breakfast program in Lagos schools

  • academic & soccer exchange program (US/Nigeria)

  • creation of sustainable community gardens in Abia State, Nigeria

  • opening of Nigerian/American school in Lagos

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