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The Make a Difference Children's Foundation began with a very special group of children who back in 2012 set out to show the world that they cared…and that they could make a difference. This first group “Make a Difference Kids” were the first of several groups that passed through my classroom, and their excitement and enthusiasm was both contagious and inspirational. The Make a Difference kids were the heart and hands of the Foundation as we transitioned from a tiny classroom program into a non-profit with international reach. 


I resigned from my teaching position in 2017 and turned my focus on the Foundation full time. It is my hope that as we continue to grow and expand, other educators will get involved and start their own chapters of Make a Difference Kids. The natural compassion of children makes them the perfect ambassadors to our Foundation, and nothing is more precious than teaching our youth that they are never too young to make a positive impact on the world. 


Claudia Young

President, Make a Difference Children's Foundation

Founder, Make a Difference Kids

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