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Making a child at a time

To bring relief to children living in poverty by alleviating hunger, creating greater access to education, and fostering resiliency. 

MADCF is looking for people to partner with us!  We will provide any guidance you need to plan projects, start your own chapter of MAD on Campus or Make a Diffference Kids, or hold your own fundraiser.  We specialize in creating opportunities for American children to get  involved in service projects that help other children. 

Make an impact, change a life, make a difference today. 


All donations to MADCF are tax-deductible.


In Memoriam













It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Maricel Dominguez Leonard, mother of MADCF President, Claudia Young. Maricel was a key influence in the founding of MADCF. She was born and raised in Colombia where she was active in helping under-served children there before she moved to the United States to marry Thomas Gerald Leonard. The Leonards raised their children in Bucks County, PA, encouraging their early interest in service work. Claudia carried that passion into her classroom where she involved her students in many service projects. 


In 2013, after a successful school supply collection for Nigerian schools in the Lagos slums, it was Maricel who urged Claudia to travel there to meet the children. To make this possible, she gave up a last trip to her homeland and instead donated frequent flyer miles to send Claudia on her way. That trip changed everything. What had begun as a simple project developed into a dream to start a non-profit to help children living in poverty better access an education. 


MADCF was founded upon Claudia's return from that first trip, and Maricel was an enthusiastic presence at Foundation events as long as she was able. As we continue to carry out our mission, MADCF will honor her memory and the love she had for all children, especially those living in some of the poorest places in the world. Maricel touched many lives and continues to inspire us all.



Voices From Nigeria


"I dream of a world...


...where the rights of children are considered and where the

girl child is respected."  Age 9 a


...where children are allowed to express themselves."  Age 9


...where there are playgrounds."  Age 10


From the Make a Difference Kids...


"Sometimes some people cannot survive without the help of

other people."


"When you care about someone else it makes you a better

person inside."


"Our program is a revolution."


"If you just sit there, not caring about other people's needs,

then who are you?" Learn the Value of Charity"

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Cooking to Make a Difference


Order this fantastic cookbook now! This collection of almost 300 diverse recipes incudles quick and easy meals, healthy recipes, international dishes, and even gluten free options.  For more information and to order your copy today, click on the order form below!

 MADCF is Back in Action and Moving Ahead with OPERATION GIVE HOPE!

After the complications of Covid and numerous travel restrictions, MADCF is thrilled to be back in full operation!  In September our volunteers will launch OPERATION GIVE HOPE, a project to bring relief to the children of Fundaction Dar Esperanza (Give Hope Foundation), an orphanage in Cali, Colombia.  Volunteers will be delivering food, clothing, medical, and educational supplies to these very special children.  

But we need your help!  Times are tough and this is especially true for underserved children in countries like Colombia where child services are basically non-existent.  These children are hungry.  Even a small donation can change a life, save a child, make a difference!  What does your donation buy?  Here are some examples:

$25   Buys 100 pounds of plantains

$30   Feeds 2 orphans for a month

$50   Buys 100 pounds of rice

$68   Sponsors 1 child for the school year (uniforms, shoes, socks, school supplies)

$100  Buys 100 pounds of beans

$175  Would allow the purchase of a starter flock of           30 chickens, a rooster, and a coop.

 Please Donate today and help us make a difference!



Make a Difference Originals

We are excited to announce the launch of mado, a collection of handcrafted original designs created in historic Bucks County, home of MADCF!  mado designs will include a variety of handcrafted and hand painted designs including wooden signs and other wooden decor, tea towels, and wreaths.  We will be exhibiting at local fairs and craft shows as we prepare to offer our designs online. Custom designs will be available upon request.  More information to follow!


MADCF is on Campus!









The Make a Difference Children's Foundation established its first collegiate chapter at the  University of Delaware in 2017. Make a Difference at  UD was organized by Morgan Kim, a former student of MADCF president Claudia Young. Morgan saw an article about the Foundation and decided to get involved. After meeting with  Claudia to brainstorm ideas, Morgan  worked hard to get Make a Difference at UD off the ground. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she recruited many students before graduating. Morgan is now working towards her dream of becoming a doctor and is currently a student at the Penn State College of  Medicine. 


When asked how it felt to have established such a fantastic student organization Morgan responded, "It feels awesome to have started the first MAD On Campus chapter!  I believe it is so empowering to be able to make a change to your community and see how many people are willing to dedicate their time and energy to a cause.  It is truly wonderful to see how much a small group of people are capable of when they work together for a good cause!" MAD at UD has made an impact in their community, delivering thousands of books to the Christina and Colonial School Districts! 

This Fall they will have a new president, Kat Filliben, and hope to continue their local work as well as teaming with MADCF on an international project. Thank you to these young adults for their energy and hard work!

Follow them on Facebook at


Join our mission and help us make a difference!  Contact us today and get started on founding a collegiate chapter on your own campus!

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